Top Mobile Brands 2017

Nowadays, Brand plays as a deciding factor for many people while purchasing any product. Its goes well with mobile phone too. So in this post i am going to suggest you top five brands on which you can easily trust and go forward with it. Their phones are best selling in the market.

  1. Samsung

top mobile brands

Samsung is one of the most selling phone in india. About 26 percent of the market share is controlled by it. Its J series is most popular in the market as it comes in the ordinary man’s budgets. I personally feels that their phones are long running and are can sustain any sudden impact. But one thing that sucks is that after few updates phone sometime behaves like a dumb.

It also launched premium phone which are comparable to the Apple phones like Samsung Galaxy S8. For more review you can click here.

How you can buy their phone?

Their phones are easily available online and offline. You can buy it easily from any Ecommerce platform.


  1. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has newly came to the market few years back but now ruling the market. One of the reasons for ruling the market is the quality phone in the cheapest range. It has launched many phones in India like Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 4A, Redmi 3S Prime  and many other. All these phone come under 10k price range and the features which it offer are also quite more satisfying in this range. Its huge demand is among the youth.You can find review of Mi band here.

Now, the question arise how you can purchase their phone?

Few of its phone are available offline. Otherwise it mostly sell online with pre order. It’s little tuff to order their phone as they go out of stock as they come for sale.


  1. Vivo

Vivo has captured the market just by adopting best marketing strategy.Till now it has sold more than three million phones which is quite decent for telling you about the popularity of this phone.Their phones mainly focus on camera and music  so they are in great demand. Their phone seems expensive but going for it wouldn’t be a bad deal. Few of their phones are V5s, V5 Plus Limited edition,V5 Plus, V5 and other Y series and L series phones.

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How to purchase their phone ?

You can easily find their phone online and offline.


  1. Lenovo

Lenovo is a chinese company whose P series, K series and Zuk series phones are highly appreciated on Internet. They also manufacture Phablet which are also bestselling and have a quite decent review. Their K6 Note and K6 power which have been recently launched. This brand also have purchased one of the elite brand called Motorola and launching wonderful phone under that brands like Moto G4 PLus which was one the best selling of its time any now many new predecessor have been launched of it like Moto G5 which is again ruling the market. I personally use this phone so, would highly recommend you to for for this brand.

  1. Oppo

Oppo has used one of the best marketing strategy to make their phone popular and no doubt they had also bought the best phone in their price range.This company was founded in 2004. Their quality and look are premium. You might find their phone little expensive but they deserve it. Recently it has launched F3 Plus which they call Selfie expert which also worth buying. OPPO is known for its camera phone brand which mainly targeting for the young people. You can easily find their phone online.

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