Top 5 Best Free Android Apps

Every single guy has a Smartphone these days. And, You have also…

And the backbone of Android is its amazing apps.

There are tons of Apps available on Playstore or Google and Some Apps has been downloaded billions of time.

Some of them cost you some money where some don’t. Usually, the apps which cost some bucks are the best apps.

However, There are some amazing apps which will not cost you a penny…

So, Below, I am going to share the top 5 best free android apps of 2017.


  • 1Weather

best free android apps

There are many apps available for weather and 1weather is one of them. Though it is a Paid or free App, It comes with many kinds of stuff such as current conditions, forecasts, prediction, radar, graphs and even You will get Sun and Moon tracker. 

The app is free to use. But..

To remove the advertising, You will have to pay a charge of 1.99$. 


  1. App lock

App Lock is a free android app which comes with a lot of excellent features. Though, If you are tired of limited features and shitty ads, You can pay a nominal charge to them to get the Premium Feature with No Advertising.

You can get the premium feature by viewing the Advertising only at no charge. The choice is yours.

The app is simple but yet powerful. It allows you to lock apps tight with passwords. This app is very useful if you have important or private data. 

You can pay them to get upgraded to the premium version.

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  1. BlueMail

Bluemail is one of the best free android apps for Emails. It has a very simple design which helps you in keeping the mails in a line. There are a variety of decent features of it such as blocking the notifications at a certain time.

It is so easy to use and hence it is user-friendly. The ratings of this app on Playstore is 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

I recommend you to give this app a try if you are a daily email user. 


  1. Feedly

Feedly is one of the fine news apps out there and You should try it once in your life. It fetches the news through rss or say it’s an RSS reader. You can subscribe as many news websites as you can and get news from all of them at once. 

You can also use Podcasts, Youtube channels and much more. The impressive thing about this app is it takes all the news and podcasts at one spot and from there, Any user can use it simply and read the news.

It’s totally free to use and definitely one of the best Android apps.


  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Umm, I am using this app for some reasons and believe me, This app is badass. I must say, everyone, should download and install this app and open this once. After that, The app will periodically notify you with some questions and If you will answer them correctly, You will get Rewards.

The rewards will be in the form of Credits that you will get and You can use those credits at Google Play Store in buying any app or game. 

With a correct answer, You will get the reward or say some penny. Isn’t it interesting? 😉

Yess It is…


So, guys, I have shared the best 5 free android apps, You can use in your daily life.

If you have got any good app, Share it with us! We will be happy to add it to our list.

It’s all now. Have a good day ahead!

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