Top 10 Best Personal Assistant apps for Android

Virtual assistant and the android application which allows making you more productive. The problem of having an expensive personal assistant has become cheaper and even an auto rickshaw driver can use a personal assistant if he has an android device.
In this article, you will see the best personal assistant apps which you can download from play store and use to your smartphone like a personal assistant.
Top 10 Best Personal Assistant apps for Android
#1 Google Allo

best personal assistant apps


Download Google Allo
Ink allows you to add creative fonts and stickers on the images you share with your mates. Google Stickers is another feature which helps you in expressing your feelings. Say it all with the perfect sticker.
SHOUT or whisper, You don’t have to change the font type to change the Capitals. You can just swipe it and it becomes good. This app allows you to get results based on your current location which is quite amazing. Incognito mode allows you to do a private conversation with an end to end encryption.
#2 Cortana


Download Cortana
Cortana is an AI Virtual assistant app which was released by Microsoft to adopt the technology given by Siri in windows devices. However, things didn’t work well, and they are trying to release for android. As of now, the app is unreleased for the users but beta users can download the app and use it.
#3 Dragon Mobile Assistant


Download Dragon Mobile Assistant
Dragon Mobile Assistant is a personal assistant app which is completely made for smartphone online Siri, Cortana and google voice. Being only on the smartphone platform, the site has a lot of features which are stable than other platforms.

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#4 Lyra Virtual Assistant


Download Lytra mobile Assistant
Lyra virtual assistant app which a good alternative to get google assistant. It understands almost all the command and process it to take the action. This app is not so popular and efficient like dragon mobile. The good this about Lyra is, the user interface is quite easy and you will enjoy using it.


Download AIVC
Alice is an alternative to iPhone Siri, The look of the all including the logo looks like Siri. You can say than AIVC is the android version of iPhoSiriiri. This app can assist functions like making Calls, sending an SMS, Sending an Email, Translation of various languages, Navigation to location, Alarm and many other features which can be done siri.
#6 Jarvis

Download Jarvis
Javris is an amazing virtual assistant which allows you a Widget support. The widget allows ou to lock the phone in a single tap without using single tap. This app also has Wearable support, which means you can use this ap on smartwatches. This app also allow you to change the settings just by the voice commands which is pretty amazing. The good thing about this app is it supports clound voice which has dynamic conversations.
#7 Genie

Genie is another virtual assistant app which is still being approved. The basic function of this app is to send email, setting reminders and etc. Not only the basic features but also some stupid features vy the help of which you can get the spelling like asking “super supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.
#8 DataBot Assistant

Download DataBot
One of the best app in the list, the application is based on iron man look and makes it feel like you are using iron man technology. This app is smart enough to Creates customized multimedia presentations using voice, text, and images. This android application also Creates summarizing pages containing the recent searches and the answers of the questions being asked they are done a year. The search which you do with the images and voice can be easily shared by this app.
Why to own a personal assistant android app?
Almost 15 years ago, having a personal assistant was quite expensive. Peopl who use dto be a very busy manager used to have personal assitants for themselves. But now, smartphone has solved the problem is a way where anyone can use apps like gogle allo and gets the things done just like a virtual assistant.

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