How To Secure Facebook Account From Being Hacked-Authentic Tips

Facebook is the most widely used social media website. To keep your Facebook data, (i.e. your personal images, videos and other stuff), secure, you need to apply some security measures and follow some tips, otherwise hackers, even your best friend is ready to hack your Facebook account, just for fun. Hackers use different techniques for this purpose. In this post, I’m going to tell that how to secure Facebook account From Hackers.

How To Secure Facebook Account

There are many people, who do not care about their Facebook accounts. They don’t know that their accounts can be hacked. They usually realize it when they get lost their accounts with all private data; they have shared with friends.
To secure Facebook account from hackers, you have not to be a hacker yourself. You just need to take care of some important things and all this stuff I’m going to tell you today. So, let’s start with the first tip.
How to Secure Facebook Account
Use Strong Passwords
The dictionary attack is the most common technique to hack passwords. They enter every word, which can be found in dictionaries, as a password to access the account. For this purpose, they use different software. With this trick, sometimes it takes few minutes but mostly it takes many hour. It depends on, how must strong and difficult your password is.

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Use Strong Passwords To protect Facebook account

The best trick to avoid these type of hackers, is to use strong passwords. Never use a simple word as password because it can be hacked in some minutes. Use some capital letters, small letters ,numeric words and symbols in passwords. Your password should be at least 12 characters or more because long passwords are considered to be strong.

Protect Facebook Account With Login Approvals

If anyone knows your password, he cannot open your Facebook account. Isn’t it amazing? But How is this possible? Let me tell you.
Facebook provides a facility of mobile security. By applying login approvals security, when you log in to your account by entering password, it then asks for another code which is sent to your mobile phone. Without entering that code, it’s impossible to access account. So, if you want to secure Facebook account, this facility can help you.

Avoid Phishing Websites

When we talk about password hacking techniques, we cannot overlook Phishing. First of all you need to know that what are fishing websites? A short and simple definition is following.
A Phishing website is just a fake copy of any famous original website like Facebook, Gmail etc.
Now, it’s time to learn that how it works. When any person asks you to login to a website, which looks like Facebook, then never do so because when you will enter password and email, all details will be sent to the hacker.
You can see the example of phishing website of FB, in the following screen shot.
Example Of Facebook phishing website
You can see that the address is change but the website design is like Facebook. It can deceive people like you and me. When any one will login, his password and email address will be sent to the hacker. So please avoid logging in such sites.
Google chrome provide protection against phishing sites. You just have to enable that option by going to advanced settings in chrome.

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Key Logger-The Best Friend of Hackers

Key loggers are used very commonly to hack computers. They can even hack your all accounts like yahoo, Facebook, gmail etc.
What is a Key logger? Key logger is a software that can record every keystroke you make on your computer. It can capture screen shots, take pictures from webcam and send them to hacker’s email account. It hides itself so that you may not be aware that it has been installed on your computer.
Key Logging Softwares
To avoid key logger, never let any unknown person use your computer or attach any external drive. Make sure that the email attachments you are going download, do not contain any type of key logger. Sometimes, hackers attach such sofwares with useful files and when you try to open them, keylogger is installed without your permission.
Many anti viruses are available. If you use a good anti virus, then it will provide you protection against key logger and it will never let any key logger to be installed. So, anti viruses can also help you to secure Facebook account.

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Never use Facebook In Internet Cafes

Many people use internet cafes to use FB and surf internet. These cafes can cause your accounts to be hacked because some people do not clear history and passwords from browser. Hackers can easily gain password from browser.
Firstly I advice you not to use FB in public places like cafes or college computer labs. Secondly, If you use FB in such places, then don’t forget to clear password and history of browser.

Facebook Login Alerts Provide More Security

Facebook provides a facility of Login alerts. If this option is on, then when anyone will log in to your account from the new browser or device, then you will be notified by Facebook through Text Message or email. It will help you to take some action in case of any login attempt by hacker. Action may be anything like, changing your password immediately. So, go to Facebook security settings and switch on this option to secure Facebook Account.


Final Words
So guys, these were some useful tips to secure Facebook account. If you will follow all of these, then your FB account would be 99 percent secure. If you are thinking that what about the remaining one percent? Then the answer is following.

Hackers have different techniques to hack account and all of them I have mentioned above with their solutions But only one trick is left that I have not talked about. They can hack Facebook servers directly. It’s solution is in the hands of Facebook security management team. Don’t worry because Facebook has a strong security management system. Anyone cannot easily hack their servers. So relax and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. If I have forgotten anything necessary, then do not hesitate to notify me and my readers about that in comments section.

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