How to Fix the DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config Error in chrome

Chrome is inarguably the most popular internet browser right now. As of July 2017, 64% of the users use Google Chrome browser for their daily need. It gained such popularity primarily due to the fact that it is blazing fast, secure and is easy to use. It is also well marketed by the search engine giant and comes preinstalled in most of the Android phones being shipped. It is available to use in all of the platforms including the Android TV.


It is in its 60th main version and is a pretty stable browser. However, one faces several errors while using the browser, especially on a slow internet connection. Most of the times these errors are not caused by the browser, yet it takes the blame for that.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about one such error, which is the DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG Error, a common error seen in the browser.

DNS_Probe_Finished_Bad_Config Error

Illustrated below are 3 easy ways to fix this error:


  1. Sure it’s not your internet?

Every time you face an error in chrome, first check it is not your internet connection that is acting up. Double check your internet settings, router settings, LAN and ethernet cables, restarting your router and see if it’s working. Even a single loose LAN cable can cause issues. If you can connect to the internet on another device, then this isn’t the issue. Try the other solutions.

  1. Flush the DNS of your computer using CMD (Command Prompt)

This is applicable only if you have a windows operating system. If you have another OS, google how to flush the DNS in that.

A tool named Command Prompt (CMD) will be used to flush the DNS. RIght click on the windows icon on the bottom left corner and choose Command Prompt (Admin). This will open up the tool which is basically a black screen with a cursor.


On it, type “ipconfig /release” and run it by pressing Enter key..

Once that’s finished processing, type “ipconfig /renew”.


Please make sure you type in the commands without the quotes as that will just throw an error.


Open the browser and see if the error has vanished.
If it hasn’t, flush your DNS completely using the command “ipconfig /flushdns”.


Reboot your device and see.

  1. Use The Google DNS Server

In our experience, using the Google DNS server fixes a lot of errors, including this one.


Below is the IP addresses to use the Google DNS server.

Preferred DNS Server as:

Alternate DNS Server as :


In windows, this can be set by going to the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” window, which can be found under the properties tab of your internet connection.


In Ubuntu, this can be set by editing your connection and adding the addresses under the ipv4 tab.


That’s pretty much it. Hope we solved your error. If the problem still persists, see if this article on fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG Error is of any help. Keep visiting us for more such tips and tricks!

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