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Best Productivity Apps in the world: When it comes to work, productivity matters. It’s because being productive can help you gain not only recognition within yourself, but will also help you create assess your true potentials.

Actually, it’s the most essential thing to address after quality. Because work induced with the right mixture of quality can help you reap unlimited benefits and create a standard image on the market.

So, do you spend most of your time wondering, “Oh? I do have all the resources at hand, but why am I failing to be as productive as my competitors…”

Well, knucklehead… It’s because you are not using the right fit of technology to help yourself become incredibly productive.

We researched in which areas have technology expanded over the years, and we found out:

Today, technology has expanded itself. Its application is now diversified and applied in multiple fields ranged from aerospace to industrialization, medical science to disaster recovery plans and beyond.

So are you ready to learn about some of the top tech products on the market. Today, I have assembled a simple list of a few things that can amazingly help you craft the perfect built for your productive resolution in 2017.

So let’s not waste any more time and delve into the action packed features of technological gadgets that can help boost your productivity.

Equil Smart pen

best productivity apps

First up is Equil Smartpen. This Smartpen is just love for people who are either old style writers or sketch enthusiasts. However, this technology mitigates the needs of considering typing and using mouse as your ultimate solution to transfer your creativity into a digital platform. With Equil Smartpen, you can draw doodles, create notes, stories, personal memos and a lot more on a piece of paper and using a bluetooth device, you can simply transfer it all to your device into a digital form. Well, that’s not all but you can also share your writing to social networks, sync files with Dropbox and Evernote and send it across multiple platforms. The charge of the pen is 8 hours and then you will have to recharge it. It’s multilingual and you can easily get it on Amazon just like this cpu coolers to make your pc run faster and smoother which will make your life more productive definatly .


The Pocket Printer

ZUtALabs has created an incredible product for it’s customers worldwide. Imagine what? A fully functional pocket printer. Yes, mate! You heard it right… This device will print your content on any piece of paper you want. Just place it and watch the magic happen by itself. With the new Pocket Printer, you can forget all your hassles of feeding the paper and fixing jammed up printing rods. You don’t even have to wonder about the correct page size that should be feeded to the device, it will automatically print it down. It works with a WiFi connection and all you have to do is send the document to the printer from any digital device (smartphones, laptops, pcs) and this 350 gram device will print the information on any piece of paper within no time.I also wanted to share with you guys best self defence stun guns in case of emergency


Are you one of those people who care about the look and feel of the environment in which you are working. Do lights play a vital role to add to your productivity. Well then, Bolt is a smart bulb solution, you may never want to ignore. It comes with a variety of colors – and only uses a single night bulb. If you are tired of changing the light bulbs of the lamps in your room, just shift the lamp with a smart lamp such as the Bolt. The LED technology is efficient to go on for a guaranteed 20-year use. It also comes with a warranty of 2 years and an integrated Misfit HomeApp. The HomeApp can be controlled from your cellular device so you can be able to dim and increase the light within the room as per your preferences. It also allows you to set alarm so you can wake up whenever you want to with a scene of your choice such as the wake up sunrise shades.

Nuu Konnect i1


Are you a traveler? Is your business more reliant on technology? Do you wish to keep in touch with your clients no matter where you are… Then Nuu Konnect i1 is your perfect solution. This device is capable to provide 4G internet connection across 100 different states around the world so you can get online anywhere. Your device supports integrated VPN and Wi-Fi calling feature which enables you to easily connect. It is equipped with the latest LTE bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17/20/39/40/41. The best part is, no matter how much you use the device, you will only pay $10 per day without any upfront payments or contracts. Doesn’t that sound interesting, switch it off, if you are not traveling! And if you are then make the most of your time 😉 Get yourself a Nuu Konnect i1.


Are you a Virtual Reality enthusiast? Do you like to play around with screens as Iron man did in his movies? Well, technically, you may not be able to create the same exact environment; however, with GoTouch you can achieve something close to that! It’s because this device can help you transform any surface into a fully functional screen! Doesn’t that just sound awesome! Using a camera and a wireless pen, the device is capable to transform your walls, tables and even the floor into a displayable screen. The battery life of the device is good. It is extremely portable and can easily fit in your pocket. The only downside of this device is that it works perfectly for Koreans only. Sorry! If you are not a Korean then it may come to you as a bummer! Better learn fast 😉
With that being said, we conclude our article on the best Productivity Gadgets around the world. Yes, these are some of the top picks this year. They can help you set the perfect environment, become your traveling companion or become your presentation partner. But, these devices can really help you become highly productive and produce commendable results. Stay tuned for more, we will be right back!


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